Sunday, February 27, 2011

Dog Town and Z boys (film review)

I finally found spare time to watch this movie. Whew. I thought that this is an actual movie but its a documentary. It focuses and the Z boys from Dog town. They were surfers who lived in a not so friendly environment in Santa Monica(actually you can call it a slum) who became, in my own opinion, the God fathers of modern skate boarding. They were called the Z-boys because they rode for a shop named Zephyr surfboard shop. The shop was owned by Jeff Ho, who greatly influenced the Z-boy. 
Here is the list of the Z-boys

  • Jay Adams
  • Nathan Pratt
  • Chris Cahill
  • Wentzl Ruml
  • Shogo Kubo
  • Peggy Oki
  • Tony Alva
  • Bob Baniak
  • Paul Constantineau
  • Jim Muir
  • Stacy Peralta 
  • Allen Sarlo
This film is very educational and i really had fun watching it.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Movie Title: Dogtown and Z-Boys
Year: 2001

I haven't seen this movie but i will definitely watch it if I have free time. Anyways i think Z from Z-boys stands for Zypher Boys. Zypher is the name of the skate shop.

Click here to watch the movie.

The Line Divides - Day Dream Dance

One of my favorite local bands. Their music makes you dance like theres no tomorrow. This is a very nice video of them singing Day Dream Dance one of my favorite songs.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

History of Skateboarding

The history of skateboarding encompasses decades of change, invention, and development. The dawning of the sport as it is today began in the 1950s when surfing was at its peak, and though skateboarding has had its share of negative connotations, it is one of the most evolutionary sports to date.

The very first skateboards were born of the old wooden scooters without the milk crate fronts and handles. Essentially, they were two by four pieces of wood attached to roller skate wheels. Most of the very first skateboarding participants were also surfers, and when they realized they could simulate wave riding on the street, skateboarding began its evolving history. The Roller Derby Skateboard was the first retail board in 1959, followed by mass produced skateboards, which were inspired by surfboards.

In the years between 1960 and 1963, over fifty million skateboards were sold. Skateboarding was one of the fastest growing sports trends ever until it came to a crashing halt in 1965 due to safety concerns raised to and by the public from numerous sources. Companies up until this time had struggled to keep up with the demand for skateboards, and little if any research had gone into safety. There had been numerous accidents and even fatalities, which inspired safety advocates to discourage the sport, and it entered a slump that ended the craze – but only for a short while.

In the mid-1970s, skateboarding was revitalized after Larry Stevenson invented new decks with kicktails and the urethane wheel was introduced. More attention was given to deck design, trucks, and wheels, and the sizes and shapes of skateboards became more varied. Street skating became rampant once again, while some more daring skaters sought out thrills by skating empty swimming pools and other vertical surfaces. During this decade, skate parks emerged, but by the end of the decade, soaring insurance rates and lack of attendance caused most to close.

Skateboarding went almost underground in the early 1980s, with kids being forced to create terrain and ramps in their own backyards as skateboarding had been outlawed in many public places. However, by the end of the 80s, skateboarding began to shift from a rebellious pastime to an accepted sport. Vertical skaters like Tony Hawk and Steve Caballero and street skaters including Mark Gonzales and Mike Vallely gave skateboarding a professional sporting image.

In 1995, when ESPN covered skateboarding at the first X-Games, the sport began to be viewed as professional, and skateboarding has been included in the X-Games ever since. Many cross-training skateboarders have also been featured in the Winter Olympics competing in snowboarding. Today, it’s clear that skateboarding has carved its own niche in society and in sporting history. It carries its own style and attitude that has gone from rebel to mainstream.


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Lords of Dogtown

Lords of Dogtown is a 2005 biographical film directed by Catherine Hardwicke, written by Stacy Peralta. The film is based on the story of "The Z-Boys", an influential group of skateboarders who revolutionized the sport. The movie is dedicated to the memory of comedian Mitch Hedberg, who appears in the movie but died before the film was released.

I really love this movie since it shows how skateboarding began and evolved.
Click Here to watch Lords of Dogtown

DC Summer X Games Street Category

Inviting all skaters from Visayas and Mindanao for DC's elimination round...winner of this will be qualified for aprils semi-finals and Finals will be held in Manila in May who ever the champion will be sponsored by DC to fly in Singapore for All Am asian skate competition...

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Street Dreams.. Hard to find movie staring P. Rod. I'm so glad i finally get to watch this movie
Click here to watch the movie

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Urbandub - A New Tattoo

Old Vid by Urban Dub - Kick Ass song, Cool Story + Peter Lindgreen Enjoi..